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Thermoplastics recycling in Naples

Circular Economy


Res Nova Die wants to set up a connecting link between innovative Research and Industrialization, in order to favour the re-launch of competitiveness of companies.

One of the objectives is to obtain new thermoplastic materials, recycling materials at the end of its lifetime or industrial, agricultural waste. These innovative plastic materials may be used recycling them n times, in the most varied fields of application, optimizing the most important phases of the cycle of the economic and productive system with a very low environmental impact.

In this way are produced Secondary Raw Materials, instead of or in alternative of the traditional raw materials, giving the opportunity to optimize the product and simplify production processes through the use of innovative, efficient and high productivity technologies. The analysis of the company organization, combined with the mapping of company processes related to the production provides new materials wholly in line with the existing organization.

An ambitious dream that today can become a reality, thanks to studies and researches conducted by a team of experts, in collaboration with important professional figures also from universities and with the partnership of nation-wide authorities and institutes of research.

Res Nova Die also provides an essential service to start-ups or those who wants to invest in new systems for alternative business always tied to the innovation. The collaboration with funding specialists companies and with advisor at the international level, allows offering a full growth path: from the gathering of economic resources necessary for the start-up, the optimisation and the implementation of the new production, passing through the organization and the standardization of the involved processes.



Res Nova Die is a company, based in Naples, specialized since its opening, in environmental sustainability, in the development of ideas and researches fo the industrialization and the financial support of start up business.

We intend to offer services designed to accompany, from the idea or patent, innovative business ventures or existing industrial reality, but in need of redevelopment, in a sustainable path focused to realise an Economy Circular.

To diversify the sales volume of existing enterprises, by simplifying the technology of production processes and encourage the establishment and growth of start-ups among young people, is one of our main objectives.

For this reason we implement strategies for identifying, developing, financial and technological industrialization of ideas and patents concerning environmental matters.
Our task and precise desire is to help start-ups in their growth, assisting and training young entrepreneurs to become excellent managers.

We base plans for the collection of financing sources capable of helping the necessary starting phase of the business and the and subsequent growth.

We spread the values of a circular economy in the industrial and agricultural sectors through training and we demonstrate its validity managing the development and the design of pilot plants or first plants.

Riciclaggio termoplastico a Napoli


Our main research area and development is aimed to the environmental sustainability and the up cycling of waste materials. A team of experts is constantly engaged in researching new processes for the material recycling and in the use of cutting-edge technical solutions to propose to companies and customers authorities.

Advice on circular economy


Res Nova Die is also a management consulting company, that offers Consultancy services at management level to the Managers, Function Managers and support in the training and practice of the Operational Staff.
A complement that enables the company to provide training directly on the ground for all interested employees, thanks to the experience of our team of expert trainers.

Courses in circular economy


“Learning by doing” is the motto of Aristotle that best reflects the philosophy of Res Nova Die . We organize training courses in which the theoretical part initially may be carried out "on line" to suit your needs.

Later, or in parallel, is offered the opportunity to be followed by a tutor for the application “On The Job” of

methodologies learned working directly on your own processes .

Recovery of waste materials


Projects are promoted in first person, carried out in collaboration with Research Institutes, Universities and Companies (SMEs). Innovative solutions of great environmental and social impact, aimed at improving the quality of life


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