About us

Thermoplastics materials production in Naples

Res Nova Die was founded in 2010 and therefore is a young company, but from the outset aims at providing companies that feel the need a high value-added global service focused on Circular Economy.

It literally encourages and initiates significant increases also with double-digit growth of level of competitiveness through the use of alternative thermoplastics materials both in the industrial field and in agriculture, instead of traditional materials in use.
Its innovative ideas and studies and researches are one of the elements that have made this company one of the most competitive and that helped to distinguish his work from that of fierce competition.

Res Nova Die aims to a constant product innovation and processes of research and development with a unique use of materials, obtained from materials at end of life, or from waste material and scraps both of industry and agriculture.

This is the point, implement the recovery and recycling of waste substances, not in the traditional way but offering to the public materials that go to constitute real alternatives to the "main raw materials”.

How it is possible?

Literally by designing them based on specific requirements indicated by the customer's company who gets economic benefits both on the raw material, which is substituted in whole and / or in part, both for the simplification of the technology, of the downstream production processes.

Further advantage, given by the production of thermoplastic material that we test in our Research Centre, with a Pilot plant in Pomigliano d'Arco - Naples, is that the obtained products are recyclable more times, this can lead to the complete abolition of the waste production, in favour of an exclusive use of the secondary raw material.

Res Nova Die has thought of everything, by structuring a plan of action complete and driven, starting with a team of specialists with highly synergistic competencies, ready to assist customers from the earliest stages.

The goal is to help and support in a productive way the clients companies in addressing future and more complex challenges. This will make it possible to affect and to take a direct action in the critical areas of the business, proposing targeted solutions, and time to time personalized.

Thanks to the strong integration in the different areas of expertise and important collaborations, Res Nova Die offers services ranging from innovation of technology of production processes to their redesign, with a strong impact on business strategy, moving then, if necessary, to the management of the corporate crisis, restructuring operations, as well as the corporate finance.

The implementation of innovative technologies is promoted through the rational utilization of resources, the use of approaches, the latest organizational techniques and the elimination of wastage.

Res Nova Die supports and strengthens the companies in all their activities, especially those aimed at consolidating its position in related markets.

Our first resource is the ability to test our Pilot Plants in Naples and the production of thermoplastic materials, integrated gradually with a number of highly specialized services, all aimed at the management and requalification of firms.

To inspire our work is the desire for a cleaner world, eco-friendly and efficient, but also the great love of science, the passion for the research and the trust in new technologies .

Our team is composed by experts available to customers, and that are responsible for the management of Res Nova Die, a group of skilled professionals with a solid background that comes from a long experience gained in leadership positions in manufacturing companies and research.

Professionals that are part of different areas of interest, perfectly coordinated and integrated with each other, ready to interact and work together to ensure satisfactory results in a short time .

Res Nova Die has its roots in three key figures:

De Falco Vincenzo - Industrialization of Product and Process

De Falco Antonio - Research and Innovation

Luigi Diana - Finance and Management Control

De Falco Vincenzo - Industrialization of Product and Process

De Falco Vincenzo - Mechanical engineer

Sole Director of Res Nova Die srl

Previous experience

He was a partner of Galgano & Associates Consulting where he has worked for over 25 years.

He has followed the 'industrialization of products and processes using the 3P methodology (Production Preparation Process), the Low Cost Automation, Lean Product Development and Design for Value. He has gained a considerable experience in the management of improving Projects both in the most important national companies and international and in SMEs. Tutor for both start-up SMEs in the restructuring and relaunch of the company working closely with the management or the property. He has developed a considerable know-how with contributions in all the techniques and tools of Lean Enterprise applied in the mechanical engineering sector, Food sector, Food & Beverage, Pasta factories Electronic, Automotive, Aeronautics, Tires, Power & Energy, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Steel industry, Steel, Cast iron and Aluminium, Furniture & Coatings, Bar and offices furnishings, Home Accessories, Home Care, Industrial Glass, Railway Transport, Urban Mobility; he leaded projects on construction of Infrastructure (bridges and galleries), Foundations Engineering with important companies and General Contractor.

He has been in Olivetti Group for 10 years. Head of Service in Alitech, Olivetti Group as Responsible for the production of power supplies, and ups for Personal Computers, previously Head of Engineering production and Technical Services Manager. Always in the Olivetti Group, part of the Numerical Control of Olivetti Marcianise Ivrea he has developed knowledge in the Time & Methods, in the Engineering for the construction of parts and assembly and fabrication engineering for the realization of Numeric Control machining centres.