Partners of RES NOVA DIE

Vincenzo De Falco 

  •  Responsible for Product and Process Industrialization
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Sole Director of RES NOVA DIE

Previous experience:

He was a partner of Galgano & Associates Consulting where he worked for over 26 years.
Followed in a number of important international companies the 'industrialization of products and processes using the methodology 3P (Production Preparation Process), the Low Cost Automation, Lean Product Development and Design for Value. He has gained considerable experience in the management of improvement projects in both the national and international most important Companies in the field of Small and Medium Enterprises in Italy.
It 'been Tutor for both start-up of SMEs in the restructuring and relaunch the company working closely with the management or properties.
He has developed a considerable know-how with contributions in all the techniques and tools of Lean Enterprise applied field Metalmeccanico, Food, Food & Beverage, Pasta, Electronic, Automotive, Aerospace, Tires, Power & Energy, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Metals Steel - Cast Iron and aluminum, furniture & Coatings, Bar decorations and Offices, Home Accessories, Home Care, Glass Industrial, rail Transport, Urban Mobility; followed Lean projects applied to the Infrastructure Construction (Bridges and galleries), the Foundations Engineering with major companies in the sector and the general contractor.

He was the in Olivetti Group for about 10 years. Chief Service Alitech - Group-Olivetti as Head of Production and UPS power supplies for personal computers, previously Head of Production Engineering and Technical Services Manager. Also in the Olivetti Group, within the Olivetti Numerical Control of Marcianise and Ivrea he has developed knowledge in the Time & Methods, in the 'Workshop of Engineering for the construction of the parts and Engineering Assembly for the creation of a Numerical Control Machining Centers .

Antonio De Falco

  • Electrical engineer
  • Coordinator of the activities of Research and Innovation of the RES NOVA DIE, related to new materials, biodegradable materials in agriculture and upcycling of industrial and agro-industrial waste.
  • Partner of RES NOVA DIE

Previous experience :

He was General Manager in public companies for over ten years. First in a multi-service company for environmental management, collection, construction of plant and logistics, and later in the Agro-Industrial Research Center (former Research Center CIRIO) by including the energy and environmental sector.

He has coordinated research projects funded on biomass and biogas cogeneration plant oil, the design of photovoltaic systems, energy plans for municipalities; development of agro-energy value chains. He held positions of coordination of the National Centre of Biomass (with University of Milan, Rome, Naples, Mario Negri Foundation, CSM Materials Development Centre of Rome), the Horticultural Center Campano promoted by 'Department of Agriculture of the Campania Region.

Also Board member of the ASSOESCO, ITABIA, the CRAVEB, and the scientific committees of the Master in Biotechnology and Biomolecules of the Second University of Naples and the Degree Course in Environmental Sciences of the University of Salerno (energy sector).

He was in Galgano Manager South, based in Naples, the Galgano & Associati Group where he worked for 10 years in the field of training and improvement programs in industrial and service companies, reorganization of new organizational structures and business processes .

He was for about ten years in the plastics industry: the 3M Italy Area Technology and Quality for the optimization of processes and then Head of the automation field of industrial processes. Later in Nuroll Spa as an engineering manager, maintenance and automation.

Luigi Diana

  • Responsible for the Finance and Management Control.
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Partner of  RES NOVA DIE

He's an expert in Financial and Economic Management of the company. Degree in Economics from the University Federico II of Naples, has significant experience in the company in the areas of supply and logistics, first, and in the administration and management control, then, holding positions of Supplier and Material Manager , Project Manager and Director of Administration, Finance and Control.

Register of Accountants of Caserta doctors, he served as a consultant to Director positions in both private companies and public-private mixed, specializing in the construction of complex business plans and improving strategic planning methodologies, management control and reporting procedures , with particular reference to companies that operate on commessa.He's a member of ADACI Italian Association of Purchasing and Supply Management since April 1997. After an important experience as a member of the National Council in the period 2010-2013, he is currently a member of the Executive Council Section South and Islands Centre.

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