The knowledge deriving from approaches based on Total Quality and on Lean Enterprise, applied in countless Italian companies, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SMBs) allows Res Nova Die to face the direct competitors of the current markets, referring to modern, tried and tested strategies.
We have a great capacity to identify the flow of value , through the mapping of business processes, adapting and transforming it consistently with the Circular Economy concepts .

The first result consists precisely in the reduction of waste due to organizational inefficiencies and the reduction of scrap and waste of used materials, through the use of new recyclable materials, when possible.

Res Nova Die also relies on experts in the financial and economic fields, in order to provide and develop a complete, valid and effective assistance.

The real possibility to make use of the structured finance and modern systems of raising finance, allows an interesting flexibility in the research for viable and faster alternatives compared with the classical financing forms, more or less subsidised but still too bureaucratic and slow in the payment.

Again we have the capabilities to combine innovative ideas to promote the evolution of the products and the development of an adequate Business Plan .

Thanks to our consulting in Circular Economy we are able to clarify economic and financial needs of the business clients, by verifying the cash flows necessary to implement the identified improvements.

With the specific purpose of implementing innovations and increasing business, is also necessary
to invest in the organization and human resources.

For this reason Res Nova Die also offers integrated consulting services within the organization, with modern participatory techniques for the personnel, thanks to the training courses that we do in our research centre in Naples or through the on line training.

These are flexible organizational schemes, able to reconfigure and adapt to the quickly changing demands of the market.

The fact of having worked for many years as managers and consultants, also with renowned management consulting companies, allow the experts of Res Nova Die to always propose solutions widely tested and highly efficient.

We are morethan a reliable support for companies and institutions of various types in Campania area and throughout the national territory.

Those who request it will benefit from a complete dedicated consulting and a drawing up of a practical and targeted Strategic Development Plan.

Our discretion is second only to the professionalism and seriousness, all indispensable requirements when you offer services that can change the fate of a business.

Many companies have relied and rely on us with confidence and renewed enthusiasm.