Res Nova Die has participated in important projects.

These are works already performed or in the process, important partnerships or collaborations implemented with organizations, companies or large realities that involve the most diverse industries in the Campania region.

Successful solutions, highly innovative and of great environmental and social impact, to improve the quality of life and health of people and environment.

In detail, let's see some of the most important :

- IRECE Project –, included in the program Clean Sky of Aeronautic research of Naples, shows Res Nova Die involved in a partnership with the CNR of Pozzuoli, Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers. In short, it has been designed the recovery facility for the carbon fibre coming from the divestment of the aircraft, for the production of new materials to reuse in the aeronautics sector. The Clean Sky aeronautics project is one of the most innovative and useful for the society, especially for the reduction of pollutants and general costs.

- Smart Generation Project, which ranks within the District for High Technology “Smart Power System” that forms part of the Cluster “Energy, Environment and Green Chemistry” financed by MIUR.
The project studies and develops renewable and innovative energy systems and technologies, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Even in this case Res Nova Die, together with the University Parthenope of Naples, will handle the energy recovery from industrial waste through the gasification and plasma process for the production of syn-gas with a high content of hydrogen to be used as fuel .

- Smart Island Project,, carried out in cooperation with CNR of Rome and Exalto. In this case are developed operational and project proposals for the removal of barriers to the diffusion of FER plants; design a smart grid in the island of Lampedusa, which is a network that intelligently combines the use of traditional technologies with innovative digital solutions. The intelligent network uses combined products and services with advanced technologies for monitoring, control and communication in order to: integrate the distributed generation from renewable sources, providing customers tools to optimize their consumption and improve the functioning of the global system, spreading a charging infrastructure for electric mobility, significantly reducing the environmental impact and increase the degree of reliability. This project, through the integration of innovative and environmentally-sustainable technologies as the control system of the environmental quality by sensors reduced in the size, is intended to ensure environmental and economic sustainability of the island of Lampedusa.

Each time the target is the same, "to contribute to the definition of a supply chain project", regarding all materials, including waste and scraps, which have an environmental impact on the territory. A plan that includes collection, selection, reuse and a final treatment with the recycling of materials or the energy of the products.