Training courses in Circular Economy in Naples.


“Learning by doing” was already a recommendation at the time of Aristotle and today reflects the philosophy of Res Nova Die.

Our company uses the active learning to involve the young entrepreneurs directly in activities related to their companies, with guided visits in industrial and research contexts, setting itself in the role of tutor and accompanying in all the stages of the start-up growth.

Therefore, we propose structured training courses related to the realization of a circular economy aimed at increasing the knowledge and stimulate resources, but above all to encourage a greater awareness of all those that manage their business.

Res Nova Die has a training room in its building structure of Pomigliano d'Arco in the province of Naples, in addition to providing customised seminars upon request and planned to fit the needs of the customers.

The training
In this regard Res Nova Die also organises the on line training using the latest technology for the Know-how delivery. We propose in fact:

Training through e-learning on many contents of corporate interest and related to the innovation of the product or the process, organised so as to ensure the widest of learning freedom in the content and times.

Conference with the customer's company to be always available and present for the emerging needs.

Webinar on contents of the greatest interest. Periodically organized, you can take part as a single person with the on line registration. At the end is given the possibility to interact with the teacher and with other participants .

The theoretical part is always accompanied with the possibility of being followed by a tutor in the first applications, as explained before, in the classroom, virtual or in our Training Hall of the Research Centre in Pomigliano d' Arco .

We take care of the training of the personnel of client companies, with targeted and solutions internally managed by the company, through a constant interchange of experiences and applications with scientists working at the CNR, University or by partnership with Athena Consortium and ATIA ISWA and other institutions.

Our goal, in this way, it is the implementation of a fair and substantial technology transfer, a continuous development and an updating of the know-how of our customers.

In practice we are talking about a necessary training, both theoretical and practical, for the application of new concepts and new methodologies recently have taken the field.

All operations which are performed "on the job", directly in the place of work and in the specific area of interest, supporting the staff and the leadership of the customer's Company.

What a better solution if not the direct application of each learned notion.

The practice is one of best learning methods, especially if it is carried out directly in your own production company and within its sector of reference.

Res Nova Die is second to none, because the training courses in Circular Economy in Naples, periodically organized, are innovative and highly personalized.

A real "unicum" because it is a fully structured service for the specific needs of the client.